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Town of Raleigh
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Burnt Cape Tours

Learn about the variety of tours - including our famous "Stroll and Scoff" tour -- featuring a bus tour of Burnt Cape Reserve.. Customized tours of the region are also available.

Burnt Cape Reserve

Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve is a large area of exposed limestone and a naturally harsh climate that permits the growth of rare dwarf flora often found in arctic and alpine areas.

Marina's Mini-Mart

Gas Bar • beverages • snacks • ice cream • groceries • pet food • hardware • laundry facilities Hours: 9am - 9pm daily (Closed 12pm - 1pm & 5 pm - 6 pm)

Taylor's Crafts

Taylor’s Crafts offer a wide selection of unique, one of a kind hand carvings made from serpentine, soapstone, whalebone, moose antler, and caribou antler.

Raleigh Historic Village

The Raleigh Historical Corporation offers the recreation of a 1940's historic fishing village.. The website is a virtual museum of Raleigh's vast history.